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Where It All Started

It all began back in July 2018 when I got roped into doing Sutherland to Surf, an 11km fun run. Only having ran twice two weeks before, I really didn't want to do it and nor was I any good at it. I thought running was the worst thing ever, and the way my body felt halfway through really justified that. Dragging my legs over the finish line in just under one hour, I swore to myself I would never run again.

The euphoric you get after completing, which I thought was the most intense race ever, was indescribable. So that day, I had two options; to stay true to my word and never run again or try to become the best runner I could possibly be. Working my way to completing City to Surf (also dragging my legs over the finish line), I thought that was the pinnacle of my running career and gee was I wrong. I used running as a coping mechanism for a failed relationship. If I could do the worst possible thing I could think of (in that case was running) then everything else would become easier.

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