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Simulation week

The simulation week was replicating a week of the run across Australia it was 60kms a day for 7 days. The week was broken into two 30kms runs a day one in the morning one in the afternoon. Day one was the best day, the first run felt great and went smoothly. I may have got too comfortable thinking it would be easy I found out the next morning this wasn’t the case. There was many emotions and even more pain that came throughout the week but nothing like excruciating pain in my hip Tuesday morning is day two, I thought it was all over I couldn’t run more than 500 meters without the stabbing sharp pain in my hip how am I going to run across Australia. I just made the first 30kms on the Tuesday I went home thinking it was over I went to bed for a nap waking up getting ready for another painful 30kms but that pain never came back. There was various pain and niggles at times a lot I thought I would t come back from and of course there were times I nearly broke but just taking it a km at a time pushing through I made it to the end. It was a run by run basis some runs were more enjoyable than others and you have to ride the highs and push through the lows. It was a great test not to mention very emotionally and physically draining, but none the less I survived and it gave my confidence that it I can make the week with a few more months of training I can make it the whole way. My biggest lesson I learnt that not all runs will be good and there will be times that will break you but if you can just push past the emotional and physical pain you can enjoy the good times and ride out the bad, people suffer everyday with mental illnesses, I chose to put myself through this pain and suffering so hopefully help the people that suffer everyday

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