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Updated: May 3, 2020

I thought running was as easy as putting shoes on, out the door and off you go. Little did I know there is so much more to it. Running form is essential to stay injury free and be the most economic runner possible. I found this out the hard way on multiple occasions. Two days before I started my first marathon preparation (before having my coach, Luca) I was on a buck’s party being stupid and injured myself getting two hematomas in my leg and ending up in hospital 2 weeks later. This postponed my running by two and a half months. This was not my only injury either. Due to poor running form, increasing my kilometres too quickly, I got shin splints and tried to continue to run through them for three weeks, I was in absolute agony and I didn’t tell Luca, until I couldn't run anymore…

It resulted in four weeks off, then coming back from shin splints not completely healed and overcompensating. I ended up getting them in the opposite leg putting me out for a further six weeks. Since I started running, I've had sore hips right up my iliac crest, which is due to weak glute medials, which wasn’t helping me stabilise my hips as I run. It felt like hips were bruised, the excruciating pain every time I knocked them. It took the wind out of me. I have only just recently overcome this issue by shortening my stride and strengthening my glutes. Ultra-running is such a high impact sport and not very forgiving but having overcome these issues I've learned a lot about my body and running, I'm sure there's probably going to be plenty more injuries to come and plenty more to overcome but that's part of the fun of ultra-running.

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