Mindfull is the Non-Profit Charity that I will be raising money for. After researching multiple non profit charities, none of them really felt quite suitable. After stumbling across one of Matt's podcasts, I knew Mindfull was the charity for me. They are doing amazing things in the community to promote mental wellbeing.

Mindfull Aus a Not-Profit Health Promotion Charity registered with the ACNC , purpose is to encourage those in high risk areas of Australia to put wellness back in their own hands, enabling them to find their true value, self-worth, purpose and belonging, so that they not only get by and cope but live and lead healthy, happy and fulfilling lives.

Through our reach across high risk suicide areas which include;  

Blue collar Industries & Sporting Clubs – working to reduce stigma in construction, farming & sporting club cultures who predominantly refrain and recoil from conversations around mind and behavioural health.     

Regional and remote communities – Regional Australia includes all of the towns, small cities and areas that lie beyond the major capital cities - where accessing resources, support and education can be limited and difficult.

Children & Youth – Mindfull Aus works with an early intervention approach- within kindergartens, primary schools and secondary educational environments. Mindfull aus works on the premise of 4 years old to 24. Addressing the topic of mind and behavioural health proactively, supporting our youth to grow up equipped with a greater understanding for their wellness & health.

How We Succeed

Mindfull aus was founded on the premise of taking a youthful, realistic and comfortable approach to talking about Mind & Behavioural Health. With facilitations from compassionate, lived experience advocates backed by qualified professionals with inspiring journeys that both replicate wellness and a life of hope, healing and recovery we're able to establish a connection that provides people with the courage to take acceptance and onus for their wellness.

To check out more on Mindfull head to Mindfulls website: