I’m Troy Jones, I transform the bodies and minds of young people every day through mindset coaching and fitness. For the past 18 months I have embarked on a journey that often requires me to run 60kms in a day in 30 Degree heat.

Why would someone do this? Well, I went through undiagnosed depression for years that I masked with severe drug use. Every week I would have crippling thoughts that I escaped through using party drugs only making the cycle more and more severe as time went on. 

I saw myself and the people around me going further into debt, ruining relationships and into darkness. It got deeper to the point where I got myself into a lot of trouble and was arrested. This was my darkest point and I finally woke up to the fact it was all coming from mental health issues I hadn’t worked on and partying. 

From this wake up, I stopped partying all together, studied to be a personal trainer and my life was changed. I started to push myself physically and mentally in my sessions and as I did, I found myself starting to deal with the demons inside, I started to open up, I started to learn more about mental health and best part of all I started to speak to others like my clients who needed someone to talk to. 

Since then I've worked with over 100 young adults who have suffered with some form of anxiety or mental illness, helping them set goals, feel achievement and have the same release I do through fitness. 

So, that’s my 'why' for running, now why so much? Well I plan to run from Perth to Sydney, straight across Australia to raise massive awareness for mental health. I’m going to do this by running 60kms a day for 65 days straight and starting a Forest Gump effect where each town I pass through, people run along with me and further spread awareness. 

I want this to be an inspiration for people all around Australia to show them that I’ve been to the darkest places, as bad as it can get and get through it to run across Australia.